Pre-Need Planning

Relieve an emotional burden from those you love:

  • By making sound decisions in advance, without stress, you can free your loved ones from this responsibility, allowing them to concentrate on supporting each other at a very emotional time. 

You can express your own wishes:

  • Advance funeral planning allows you to consider all of your options. It gives you an opportunity to discuss your wishes with your family. Prearrangement ensures that your loved ones will be able to focus on the memories of your life rather than the details of your death. 

You can relieve the financial burden from those you love:

  • If you also choose to take care of funding your funeral in advance, we have plans that will ensure your survivors will never pay additional funds for the services and merchandise you selected*. 

Avoid conflicts among family:

  • By talking with one of our funeral planning professionals, you will receive all of the information you need to decide what is right for you. We are eager to answer all of your questions, and there is no cost or obligation for our pre-planning services.   

To receive more information about Advance Funeral Planning (Pre-Need) with no obligation, simply give us a call (281) 968-9977.