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Protect your Personal Property with Renter's Insurance

Most renters think they don’t need insurance because they are covered by their landlord’s policy or they don’t own a lot. But the landlord's policy won’t protect your personal belongings, and the cost of your possessions (that probably took years to accumulate) is greater than you think.

If something happens, can you afford to replace your property out of pocket, or pay for the liability if somebody gets injured on your property? Can you cover living expenses if you are forced to move out for a few weeks?

Renter's Insurance will cover you and your property in the event of a loss. For less than $1 a day, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are financially protected. Purchase your Renters Insurance today.

What Renter's Insurance covers?

  • Personal property coverage to assist you in replacing your possessions due to loss or damage from fire, theft, vandalism and other risks.
  • Valuables like jewelry, fine art or other collectibles, as scheduled by you.
  • Liability protection for covered claims made against you or a family member living with you for property damage or bodily injury, which follows you wherever you go, worldwide, and includes the cost of legal representation.
  • Loss of use coverage for extra expenses you may have due to a covered loss, such as staying in a hotel when you are unable to occupy your apartment.
  • Optional Identity Theft Coverage for credit card loss while you're away from home.

Take advantage of discounts. You can save money with:

  • Multi-policy discount when you combine renter’s coverage with your auto or any other product offered by us
  • Fire Alarm and Sprinklers in your home

We're here to help. Call us now! 
(281) 968-9977

We're here to help. Call us now! 

(281) 968-9977